A complete book about Duplicate Bridge: learning how, playing at clubs
and tournaments, teams, pairs, bidding, declarer play and defense.

“Duplicate” is a stand-alone book about modern duplicate bridge. It’s appropriate for the newcomer to duplicate and to the novice or intermediate player who needs a solid base of understanding about all the concepts, techniques and protocols of 21st century duplicate.

The book was adopted from a series of “mini-lessons” delivered by the author over a 3 year period, presented before Intermediate / Novice (499er) ACBL games.  About ½ of the pages are on modern duplicate bidding, split between bidding without competition and bidding in competition, including the Two Over One style. There are also sizable chapters on declarer play problems and defense. There is no other book like it on the market.

Most of the 144 mini-lessons are in one page format, making for concise, organized presentation of basic information.  Each of the 6 chapters is indexed, and there is a separate index of Conventions to make reference to conventions quick and easy.

Duplicate is available in 3-ring loose leaf format, or in PDF or MS Word formats delivered on a CD.  It sells for $25 in 3- ring format, or $20 for a CD, postage paid.  “Duplicate” is an great text for an informal update for party bridge players, or “Back to Bridge” courses for those who “played 25 years ago in college”.  (Baby boomers are a great target audience.)

Duplicate Chapters: 

- Introduction to Duplicate Bridge - for the player who has heard of duplicate but not played at a bridge club or tournament. Organized bridge at the club and ACBL levels.

- The World of Duplicate – conventions, alerts, glossary, protocol at the table, masterpoints, matchpoints, scoring, etc., - -  everything about duplicate but bidding and play.  This one chapter is worth the cost of the book for beginners at duplicate, because there’s none other like it.

Bidding Without Competition – uncontested auctions, featuring Two Over One style.

- Bidding in Competition – featuring all weak raises in competition, various forms of limit raises, balancing, sacrificing, preemptive bidding, etc.

- Declarer Play Problems – a series of problems and separate solutions, illustrating sound matchpoint declarer play techniques.

- Defense at Duplicate – Guideline and techniques for effective defense at duplicate; leads and signals, Active vs Passive lines; STP – Shape, Trick and Point counting; problems and separate solutions.